Knowing what you have and what do you want is the way of life.

In IT Operations, you may category the work into two

  • Planned Work
    • Business Projects
    • IT Internal Projects
    • Change Requests
  • Unplanned Work


The simplest way to increase the throughput is minimize the Unplanned work as it is the killer, you should a process that would avoid any potential Unplanned work.

Here is what you may have to do

  • Establish a Trust between the units/people and they communicate effectively.
  • Understand the Organization Goals.
  • Setup the Key Performance Indicator that would align with Organization, It is really important as it would play a key role in IT success.
  • Scope the work that would not overrun the resources.
  • Stability is the foundation, it should not be compromised to accommodate features.
  • Resource utilization visibility is critical
    • You must have Resource throttle level – should not exceed 80%
  • People should know what and why they are working
  • People should not perform multi-tasking as it would lead Unplanned work.
  • People should aware of this
    • Until the code reaches production it worth nothing.
    • Small batches of delivery means a lot to business.
    • Improving daily work is important than just doing it.
  • Production, QA & Dev environments should be sync to avoid any potential issues.
  • Project should increase throughput but not the other way around blocking the work.
  • Constraints
    • Constraints are People/Resource who would deliver something great.
    • Constraints should be not be blocked at any cost.
    • Constraints should be used to deliver something adds value and should never be used for Unplanned work.