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What is GetItemByIdSelectedFields

In this post we will discuss about how to get value of selected fields from a SharePoint list using SharePoint object model.

Below is the code that will retrieve selected value of an item

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What is ContentIterator?

One of the new features Microsoft added to SharePoint 2010 is List Throttling. The limit set for non-administrator users (5000) is a small number and it often gets crossed.

Now as soon as this number of items goes beyond 5000, CAML queries to such lists stop working and start throwing SPQueryThrottledException even though they are returning single item.

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ListItemCollectionPosition and PageInfo

Paging data is a technique that we all well know from rich client applications or from web applications using e.g.: data grids. Paging allows easy navigation for the end-user and – if implemented correctly – reduces the load on the underlying database.

The SPQuery object provides the property ListItemCollectionPosition that allows you to specify the start position of your query page. RowLimit allows you to specify how many items to retrieve per page. Let’s have a look at some sample code:


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Linq to SharePoint – SPMetal

I’ll be honest. I don’t like writing CAML queries. There, I said it…

How about using LINQ instead to access the data in your lists and libraries? It’s really pretty simple.

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