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IIS – Configuration Editor

You may have experienced in the past that there are some configurations that cannot be performed from within the IIS Management console or that the place to make the modification was not easily found. Alternatively, you used AppCmd; PowerShell; or the dangerous way, using a generic text editor.

The Configuration Editor is a relatively new feature in IIS that provides an ability to administrator access to all the elements in IIS.

IIS configuration files can be administration.config, applicationHost.config, or website or application specific web.config. We can use this feature to edit and save those settings then generate a C# or appcmd.exe script for automation as well.

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IIS – SSL Certificate

SSL enables browsers to communicate with a web-server over a secure channel that prevents eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery. You should always use SSL for login pages where users are entering usernames/passwords, as well as for all other sensitive pages on sites (for example: account pages that show financial or personal information).

Configuring SSL on Windows with previous versions of IIS has been a pain. Figuring out how to install and manage a certificate, and then associate it with a web-site, is something I bet most web developers don’t know how to enable.

The good news is that IIS 7.0 or greater makes it radically easier to configure and enable SSL.

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IIS – Reset vs Application Pool Recycle

When you say IIS Reset do you know IIS Reset stops and restarts the entire web server?

In IIS you can create multiple websites and application pools. You can run multiple applications under one application pool.

Now in your IIS you have so many applications running and you just modified one of your application’s web.config file. If you are thinking of modifying a web.config file and reset the IIS, then that means you have impacted all the applications running on the IIS server. Does that really make sense?

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IIS – HttpHandler – File download handler

It’s quite a common scenario to have a feature in a web site to check the incoming request for a particular file download and do some sort of processing before allowing the download.

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