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SharePoint – working with QuickLaunch Programmatically

In QuickLaunch navigation structure, the tree is rooted on a single SPNavigationNode object.

This object has a Children property that returns an SPNavigationNodeCollection object with navigation nodes one level down from the root. Each of these nodes has a Children property that can contain a collection of nodes for another level down the hierarchy.

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SharePoint Custom Application page to verify CAML Query

The purpose of writing this article is simple; to provide a simple and fresh demonstration of building a custom Application Page in SharePoint.

As a SharePoint Developer often you may want to verify the CAML Query which can be difficult on the non-Dev environments, I decided to come up with a custom application page to verify the CAML Query as follows to make the Developer’s life easy.

SharePoint Site Pages vs Pages Library

A Site Pages Library is created by default with every single SharePoint team site. It holds the wiki page that makes up the home page of the team site and creates a How To page as well. (Don’t forget to always delete that how to page so it doesn’t mess up your search results).

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Webpart page in SharePoint 2013

A page which can display an aggregation of information from other sources. Web Part pages can display many types of data, including lists, other web pages, search results, or data retrieved from other servers

Typically, a web part page is made up of a ‘web part’ (hence the name) and contains content like files and documents. You can only insert Web Parts from your SharePoint with this type of page.

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