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SharePoint – App Principal

So what is an App Principal? This is probably best explained by way of a little story, and it goes something like this. Suppose I have a SkyDrive site. I keep all of my documents and pictures up there. When I want to access that content I have to enter my username and password. SkyDrive validates my credentials and then gives me access to that content.

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SharePoint Apps

The App model is a new way to develop and opens up possibilities for selling a SharePoint 2013 App to the masses via the Office Store and for preparing for the day when SharePoint is entirely based in the cloud.

SharePoint App – An application whose interface is launched from SharePoint but whose code is executed elsewhere.

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How to use RunWithElevatedPrivileges in a right way

In the SharePoint platform, running code with elevated privileges is accomplished using the SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges method. This method invokes a delegate that runs with the Windows identity set to the AppPool account. The password of the AppPool account is not required, as it is with Impersonation.


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How to Verify whether user has Full control on the Web

In many Sharepoint projects the following code has been used to check if a certain user has full control or not over a specific site:

if (!SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.IsSiteAdmin)

But this code only check if a user is a Site Collection administrator. Even if the current user is in the owners group, it will not work. And therefore, problems will happen once implemented live.


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