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Summary of How to Win Friends and Influence People

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” is one of the most popular self-improvement books ever written. Over 15 million copies sold and to this day people swear by the book.

Today I present to you the a How to Win Friends and Influence People summary. 

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SQL Command based – Data Access Layer in C#

In the last post, we have used SQL stored procedure to perform the CRUD operations. It best suits when the CRUD operations involve complex data manipulation. However, sometimes we do not have to follow this path, especially when the SQL table is simple and CRUD operations are straightforward.

The objective of this article is to explain the simplest way of designing the Data Access Layer.

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Data Access Layer in C#

Layered architectures are generally preferred for application development because of code reuse, flexibility, performance and maintainability.

In a layered architecture the Data Access is primarily responsible of communicating with the Database, whereas the business layer focuses on business logic and rules. The presentation layer concentrates on the UI.

The objective of this article is to explain the simple but an elegant way of designing the Data Access Layer of an application.

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Enterprise Library Logging

The Enterprise Library Logging Application Block allow you to create log messages and send those messages to different targets of output. The most typical output targets include a console window, file, database, web services and email though any conceivable target could be configured.

Logging Configuration has three major components

  1. Trace Source
    Trace sources act as the link between the log entries and the log targets.
  2. Trace Listener
    Trace listeners are responsible for taking the log entry, passing it through a separate log formatter and passing it to the target log.
  3. Log Formatter
    Log Formatter translates the content into a suitable format.

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