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Custom Cmdlet in SharePoint

The first question to ask is when to create cmdlets?

A cmdlet allows a farm administrator to manage and administer the SharePoint farm (s) quickly from a PowerShell console.

If you have specific tasks, which you run in batches and this is frequent, you have a context conducive to this creation. Otherwise do not waste your time creating cmdlets that will end up in the closet quickly, instead try to push the possibilities of PowerShell and go through functions to get you out. 

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Master Page in ASP.NET

One attribute of a well-designed website is a consistent site-wide page layout as well as well-designed site is ease with which the site’s appearance can be changed.

Creating a site-wide page template in ASP.NET is possible through the use of master pages. In a nutshell, a master page is a special type of ASP.NET page that defines the markup that is common among all content pages as well as regions that are customizable on a content page-by-content page basis. (A content page is an ASP.NET page that is bound to the master page.) Whenever a master page’s layout or formatting is changed, all of its content pages’ output is likewise immediately updated, which makes applying site-wide appearance changes as easy as updating and deploying a single file (namely, the master page).

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Configure Proxy server for SharePoint

In most enterprise settings you will need to go through a proxy server to connect to external sites. In Windows the proxy settings in IE actually affects the apps on that machine.


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What is GetItemByIdSelectedFields

In this post we will discuss about how to get value of selected fields from a SharePoint list using SharePoint object model.

Below is the code that will retrieve selected value of an item

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