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WCF – How to Host a custom WCF service in SharePoint

Recently I had to write a Custom WCF Service in SharePoint 2013 to expose the employee related data. You may be surprised to see how quickly it can be done on SharePoint, these are the basic steps you need to follow to get it working.

Create an Empty SharePoint 2013 Solution


Enter the URL of a Site Collection and select Farm Solution


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Powershell – Sharepoint Impersonation

Recently I wanted to quickly test a piece of a code that access Web.SiteGroups in the context of a normal user, an ideal example for using PowerShell to quickly validate.

Found the following piece of the code from an Internet article and posting it here as it is.

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SharePoint – Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms provide an interface between a user and persistent data. The form surface provides the ability to provide data entry structures such as list boxes (providing a set of choices), check boxes (providing yes and no settings), validation of data entry, and the ability to send the data to persistent storage such as a database. Nintex Forms are designed to work with Microsoft SharePoint lists and Nintex Workflow.

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SharePoint – Nintex workflow

One of the most powerful features in SharePoint that doesn’t get used nearly as often as it should is workflow.

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