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Sharepoint – Site column and Content type

A site column is the most basic element you can add to a SharePoint site. A site column represents a type of data, such as a first name, last name, email id, phone number, and address, in a personal contact list.

A content type is a set of reusable columns that represents a data set. With that said, we interact with built-in content types all the time; a document, for instance, is a content type. In fact, you can create custom content types based on the ones SharePoint provides for you out of the box.

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SharePoint – working with QuickLaunch Programmatically

In QuickLaunch navigation structure, the tree is rooted on a single SPNavigationNode object.

This object has a Children property that returns an SPNavigationNodeCollection object with navigation nodes one level down from the root. Each of these nodes has a Children property that can contain a collection of nodes for another level down the hierarchy.

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SharePoint Custom Application page to verify CAML Query

The purpose of writing this article is simple; to provide a simple and fresh demonstration of building a custom Application Page in SharePoint.

As a SharePoint Developer often you may want to verify the CAML Query which can be difficult on the non-Dev environments, I decided to come up with a custom application page to verify the CAML Query as follows to make the Developer’s life easy.

SharePoint Site Pages vs Pages Library

A Site Pages Library is created by default with every single SharePoint team site. It holds the wiki page that makes up the home page of the team site and creates a How To page as well. (Don’t forget to always delete that how to page so it doesn’t mess up your search results).

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