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JSON to C# class conversion using Paste Special in Visual Studio

There is a really cool new feature in Visual Studio 2013 that lets you paste JSON or XML and create a class hierarchy from it. For example, if you have the following JSON:

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Preprocessor Directives in C#

Preprocessor directives are commands that are interpreted by the compiler and affect the output or behavior of the build process. Preprocessing directives are top lines in our program that start with ‘#’. The ‘#’ is followed by an identifier that is the directive name.

Classification of C# language preprocessor directives are as follows

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How to manage the nuget packages locally?

Currently has a direct download link that is available even if you don’t have an account on the site.

nuget download

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NuGet Package Manager Console in Visual Studio

The Package Manager Console is a PowerShell console within Visual Studio used to interact with NuGet and automate Visual Studio.

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