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WCF – REST Web Service at a Glance

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. This is a protocol for exchanging data over a distributed environment. The main idea behind REST is that we should treat our distributed services as a resource and we should be able to use simple HTTP protocols to perform various operations on that resource.

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WCF – Consume WebService Using HttpWebRequest

I needed to implement a way to consume webservice using HttpWebRequest and did it as follows

Considering that below is the web method to be called.

create a HttpWebRequest passing the WS url


WCF – Authenticate .NET Web Service with Custom SOAP Header

There are many ways to secure the calls to our web services, one of them is to use custom SOAP header.

Using this method we simply add a required SOAP header to our web services calls. We embed the SOAP header into our message and validate its contents on the server. If the SOAP header validation done successfully, the web server sends the web service response to the consumer.

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