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Sharepoint – Sandbox Solutions

SharePoint sandbox solutions were introduced with SharePoint 2010 and provided a mechanism to execute code outside of the IIS worker process. The sandbox solutions do not affect the entire  farm; they are installed per site collection and they can be installed by the site collection administrator.

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Sharepoint Custom webpart

This is beginners tutorial of how to build and deploy a WebPart in SharePoint 2013 using Visual studio.

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Sharepoint Webpart Properties

WebPart in SharePoint, from a developer perspective, is basically a user control, packaged and deployed at Site Collection level to be re used across all the sites under it.

From an End User perspective it’s a single unit of re-usable component that can be added to a SharePoint page to perform a specific task.

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Sharepoint Webpart

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In this article, we will see some basic building blocks of web parts in SharePoint.

Web Part is a small building block for UI in SharePoint site. You can use it to edit functionality and to customize the User Interface (UI). In SharePoint sites, the web part is used to perform collaboration within site context. Web part is an ASP.NET Server side control. Using it, you can display your content on pages.

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